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“National Government allocates 38.8 Billion for fast Yolanda aid”

butch abadAs a resolution derived from Cabinet meeting yesterday with regards to rehabilitation plan for places that devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.  They came up to a decision to allocate 38.8 Billion Pesos.

Department of Budget Secretary Butch Abad said last Thursday that the National Government will release that amount of money  intended for quick rehabilitation and reconstruction of areas affected by the super typhoon especially in Eastern Visayas Region.

The amount will be used for the basic needs of families affected by the typhoon like relief goods, clothing and a place to stay.

This 38.8 Billion budget sabi ni Abad ay “para lamang sa mabilis pangangailan ng mga evacuee’s”. But the long term budget must be specified and quantified by NEDA to make it more reliable and realistic to avoid unnecessary issues.

Secretary Abad also confirms that the aid from other countries do not go through any government agencies. Those assistance that come from other countries are given to Local and International LGU and NGO’s who will be responsible to give it to the victims.

For those people that are curios about where the donated funds are spent. The Government has a website where you can monitor its disbursement. This is done for transparency purpose.

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