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Com. Kim Henares Reminds Manny To File Proper Tax Documents After His Rematch Against Bradley

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares once again reminds Manny to file proper tax documents after his rematch against Tim Bradley.


BIR Commissioner Kim Henares

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares

April 13, 8 Division World Champ Manny Pacquiao will face the defending WBO welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley. This fight is scheduled for 12 rounds and the Welterweight Championship is at stake.

The certain Filipino Boxing Icon is guaranteed to gain for almost $20 million dollars win or lose.

If converted to Philippine currency it will reach to P880 million.  The said earnings do not include both boxers income from Pay per View.

In an interview from one of the showbiz oriented website, the commissioner revealed that the earnings he earned from Las Vegas is still taxable, but it also depends to Pacman whether he report his income fairly.

Henares noted “Kung hindi niya ire-report nang maayos, e, di meron na naman siyang problema.”

Henares implies that Manny should submit all the documents needed by BIR for fair presentation of taxable income he gained from US after his fight.

It is remembered that Manny had an issue with regards to not properly paying taxes from the agency because Pacquiao’s camp could not submit the authenticated documents from IRS which shows their total tax payments to International Revenue Services from the period covered 2008 to 2009.

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