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Tornado Dominates Houses On SRP Cebu City (Video)

 Tornado seen coming from the area of SRP Cebu City, that dominates the roofs and houses near Mambaling, Tisa, Labangon and Alaska. According to the officials worst experienced, Twenty-nine houses destroy and a sports complex were damaged.


People affronted on what happen to there houses and get the things is available. The official of Cebu City help actions to the Brgys. residence to easy evacuate the victims. The officials searching the places if there’s a victim to rescued and needing assistance.


Cebuano’s helping to build there home’s and they are seeking help from the Government. Many cebuano’s shock after the Tornado afferent on Cebu City. SRP residence are now calm after the PHIlVOLCS declared normal on the Tornado appearance.


A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that can’t anybody stop because it is the way of nature dominated.

 Watch the full footage video below:

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