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Who Netizens Choose As Pinoy Version of F4?

Netizens now is really looking forward for the Pinoy Version of F4  or Flower Four which is composed of four rich and influential boys.

meteor gardenAccording to Netizens they chooses Sam Concepcion, James Reed, Enrique Gil , Daniel Padilla and Katherine Bernardo as Shan Chai.

The above mentioned boys are considered heartthrob in the current generations.

Meanwhile some before those boys have taken the spot as Netizen chosen F4, Kantoboys are first on the list composed of Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano, John Lloyd Cruz and Billy Crowford.

The said serye entitled “Meteor Garden” was considered a phenomenal hit here and outside abroad. It has also adopted in Korea entitled “Boys Over Flowers”.

The story is about four elite boys from rich families which is influential in their school, there names are fear by the students in the campus there words from their mouth is considered a law in the campus but eventually they encountered a girl named “Shan Chai” Taiwanese adoption “Geum Jan Di” Korean adoption which is considered to be a high principled and tough girl. The F4 is really amazed that a commoner girl could really get in to their nerves and could stand against them, at that point the group leader “Dao Ming Si” Taiwanese adoption “Goo Jun Pyo” Korean adoption seen something special on that girl which later falls in love with her.

Follow this link to watch video: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/lifestyle/04/12/14/marc-logan-reports-meteor-garden-pinoy-version

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