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Legendary Singer Lionel Richie: “Bruno Mars Is My Student”

Singing legend Lionel Richie shared his thoughts about Bruno Mars as his student in singing.

Bruno-Mars-Lionel-Richie-500x300Currently the said singer revealed that he was the mentor of the Filipino American singer “Bruno Mars”.

He added that the Fil-Am singer is considered to be the best singer in his own genre.

“Hello” hit maker revealed that Bruno was a good protégé and lecturing him backstage prior to his show in Germany he also shares some secrets about how to manage your career as a  singer in a more stable way.

Bruno once ask Lionel about the status of his career and the singer legend responded Bruno should not worry that much because his singing career is just fine.

For the record the Lionel sold almost 100 million records worldwide.  Mr. Richie detailed how he mentors the young singer and said “The new generations are discovering that guys like me can do melodies. Bruno Mars is a killer for melodies and lyrics, and he came to my show.”

He further added that this generation of singer’s long for career longevity which is contrast to Richie point of view; he believes that writing great and memorable songs is the secret to make your singing career more stable and long.

Lionel is also confident that the Fil-Am singer is talented up to the extent that he can cope up from the other singer’s in this generation.


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