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Julia Baretto Decides To Drop Her Dad’s Surname

Julia Baretto decides to drop her dad surname. The sited possible reason is the annulment filed by her mother Marjorie Baretto last 2009. This could be a go signal for the young actress to decide whether she will retain or drop her dad’s surname.

juliaIn an exclusive interview by Abs-Cbn, Marjorie’s legal counsel Atty. Lorna Capunan claimed that Dennis has been married to another woman in 1994, three years after he and Marjorie decides to tie the knot in November 1997.

Atty. Capunan added that the court has already release a decision saying their marriage is considered null and void because it was considered to be bigamous.

She added that her client Marjorie remains mum about the issue because she wants to defend the image of her husband.  The female attorney added citing a certain article in the family code specifically Article 165 wherein it conveys that Julia is considered to be an illegitimate child.

Julia has also a younger sibling namely Claudia and Leon. It is remembered that Julia was born on March 10, 1997 eight months after her parents decided to get married. That is the reason why she carries the name of her mother in her NSO authenticated birth certificate.

As if Dennis was hurt about the petition certainly yes, the actor comedian also added that he was not able to fulfil his obligation by supporting them financially because of lack of projects. Dennis also added that after their annulment he’s career as a politician and an actor becomes unstable, maybe he was truly affected of their separation.

But the actor is really doing his best to be a father to his family but sometimes the odds cannot be controlled.
Meanwhile the said petition is still in due process in court and no results have been declare for the time being.

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