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Gerald Anderson Refuses To Do Project With Kim and Maja- Know Why?

Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson refuses to do a project with his girlfriend Maja Salvador and former lover Kim Chui.

geraldEven though the said artist have already reconciled with each other, the hunk actor is still not interested to do a movie with them.

According to the actor the people’s focus will be divided to their personal life and the movie, the worst is that people will give much more emphasis about their life and disregard the new project which they work hard for. The actor added if that will happen the project will be wasted what if the project is totally good it will become useless, so it is better just to say “No”.

He added that he is firm in his decision not to accept this project even his current girlfriend will ask to consider the project, for the actor it is a certain opportunity to work again with Kim but he worries the most is that the project will be disregarded wherein the producers of the film will expirience great losses in their investment.

“Like I said ulit, kahit gaano kaganda ang story pero kung ganoon,
‘yung mga artista na gaganap ang mas pag-uusapan,” he said.

He added further that something is okay na, so he does not want to make the situation more complicated.
As of now he is happy with the run of his career and personal life.



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