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This Man Is Trying to Impress Other Motorists with His One Wheeled Motorcycle That Surely You Want To Try

We cannot deny the fact as the years goes by technology also is fast improving, the things that we usually see is not the same as tomorrow. Try to look at this unique motorcycle, it is different from other motorcycle out there because it is made up of only one wheel.

I can never imagine that it is possible for a motorcycle to run using just only one wheel but this man proves me wrong. He is Kerry Mc Lean, the inventor of this single wheeler monocycle dubbed as “Wheels Of Tomorrow”.

In the video he actually amaze the crowd as he operate his monocycle around the parking area, compare to a usual motorbike. I believe that this is faster and easy to drive.

Does this video amaze you if yes what are you waiting for I believe that you are eager to try this one.

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