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Hilarious Puppy Farts At The Big Dog’s Face And It’s Reaction Makes Me Laugh

Dog’s is considered to be our best friend as these animals is the companion of out life as they give us much joy and relieve us from our daily stress from everyday struggles in our life. Another is their innocence that sometimes make me laugh out loud.

We as humans sometimes loves to play prank with our friends which is considered to be a memorable moment is our life, but would you believe that dog’s also makes funny of their fellow. Take a look at this small puppy as he farts on the face of the big dog. The reaction of the big dog really makes me laugh.

Meanwhile if you have videos the same as this do not hesitate to upload it online this could help our friends our there by making them laugh to ease their hardships in life.

Thank you for watching and hopefully comeback for more amazing videos served only for you.

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