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7.8 Magnitude Earthquake In Nepal Leaves Death Over 1,800

A magnitude of 7.8 earthquake in Nepal exactly hit Kathmandu a day ago, which cause homes, building, works, and ruined temples and what’s worst cause over 1,800 lives.

A desperate and ongoing search continuously happens in Nepal for survivors. The place has been in the state of emergency has the government already declared.

However, people are still afraid and so scared in the ruffling aftershocks that might happen in any area of Nepal.

The earthquake cause snow-slide that cause over 17 lives in death, and the injured has been continuously having treatment and first aid outside of the hospitals. Lots of bodies has been transferred from the historical Dharahara tower that was also been destroyed by the earthquake.

Reports Earthquake in Nepal. Watch Below!

“But if you look at the spread of the earthquake a lot of the rural areas have been hit as well. The information we received from the field is that 80% of the houses in these rural areas have been destroyed.” According to Lex Kassenberg, a Nepal country director for CARE International.

This is now considered as the strongest typhoon in more than 80 years. There are still destruction going out and the rate of lives that’s loss are coming up.

Meanwhile, The US Government is also sending help, a disaster response team to Nepal and had already released $1 million to give directly needs.

There has been lots of destruction in Nepal, especially those Historical Monuments and some heritage sites near Kathmandu.

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