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“Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” Found The Famous Meme Queen, Marielle Villegas

Kapuso mo Jessica Soho finds the Meme Queen of the social media. Do you know the real story of her life?

She is Marielle Villegas a 19 year old girl who graduated as a Salutatorian in her High School and is now taking up a Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English.

The fact that people bullied and make fun of an innocent person. To Marielle it is ok to make fun of her but the issue had gone wrong when fast article spread so fast that the Meme Queen already passed away, 2 years ago.

Marielle Villegas VIDEO. Watch Below! 

Now, Marielle and her mom said to stop spreading news, stop bullying her and to not make articles that’s not even true. For more updates, please follow us on Twitter and by linking us on Facebook.

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