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Taxi Driver Ask A Powerful and Sincere Prayer For His Wife Instead Of Financial Assistance

We are struggling for something we cannot solve so easily. We are challenged in different ways and we ask for assistance and help in different ways also. The reason why we take care of our body healthy that we may not get sick. As a family helping each other in times of this trials we ask help may be in social media, while others are working hard. Here is another bravest story of a taxi driver.

Mina Monina, a facebook user shared the story of Laurel Manuel, a taxi driver working hard for his wife who recently suffered aneurysm and is now in the hospital for 2 months already.



According to Mina, Laurel is also suffering physically because it can be seen on his face how tired he is and how his eyes are lacking of sleep. As a taxi driver, Manong Laurel works in the morning to support the needs of his children and wife and at night he will stay to the hospital to take care of his wife.

Manong Laurel is such a bravest man and so though because no matter how hard his situation is, he is still trying to give free smiles to everyone and laugh.

What makes this more viral is when Mina, posted that Manong Laurel is not asking and begging  for financial assistance but for a sincere prayer that is effective to help.

Come and let us Help Manong Laurel by praying. 🙂 Let us Help him in the best way he can and family can be.

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