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WATCH: Salutatorian Krisel Mallari Read Her Full Speech on “The Bottomline”

We will never forget the viral video of a salutatorian student because of the issue that the staff and admins of the school stopped her and interrupted her from saying her salutatorian speech.

“The Bottomline” made Krisel Mallari and her family seen and let them tell the truth of everything and what really happened on the incident.

Krisel delivered a different speech from what the school approved her to to say in the graduation rite that cause the report go on viral and spread so fast.

Krisel Mallari Reads Her Full Speech. Watch The Video Below!

Krisel was asked why she did not stop her speech when she was stopped by the admin for almost 3 times and her response was it was her last time to say all that is needed to say. She also said that she stop not for her own good but for the next generations of the school.

Krisel and her family already accepted the fact that she is the salutatorian only  not the valedictorian though there was never a proof of computations of grades that is needed to be seen with them.

“I am Krisel Mallari, a Filipino citizen, who would rather choose to fail with honors than win by cheating” Krisel last words of speech.


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