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REASON BEHIND: PBA Star Robert Bollick Allegedly Cheats On Her Girlfriend Aby Maraño Over Cassandra Yu

Trending now topic in social media is the latest news of break up between PBA player Robert Bollick and volleyball player Abigail Maraño.

The post becomes viral and now reaches many of their concerned fans and tries to find out what is the reason behind it.

According to post on Facebook the male PBA player cheated on Maraño.

Bollick was seen with other girl and Abigail commented “Solid Naman Ng Vacaction Nyo, Hindi Ko Alam May Bago Kana”

It is remembered that the two had been in relationship for 8 years.

Victoria Galang a close friend of Aby and also a former Dela Salle volleyball team mate commented in his photo “ULOL [email protected] KA”

The other girl is allegedly Cassandra Yu a airline company cabin crew.

Some cited reasons first third party is involved, second potential misunderstanding in their relationship and third exhaustion.

As of now the issue in not been because the two sides a still keeping their silence for a moment.

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