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There were lots of policemen who had surrendered their lives for our country and for fellow Filipino to guide and protect us from bad guys and dangerous happenings. We often call them our heroes for the acts they shared and for fighting for our safety. But what will happen when they don’t have the proper training [...]

Before the fight Pacman-Mayweather, Congressman and boxer Manny Pacquiao made a broadcast pledge to Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Monday to release the execution of Mary Jane Velloso who has been accused of drug trafficking and has been sentenced to death. In GMA News Balitanghali, with an live interview with Manny, he said that he [...]

PRC releases the Top 10 Passers of April 2015 Criminologist Board Exam results in a few working days after the last day of examination. The Board of Criminologist was headed by Hon. Lourdes W. Aniceto and its member Hon. Ernesto V. Cabrera conducted the Criminology board exam on April 7, 8 and 9, 2015 in the [...]

This 2015 lots of engagement and wedding things happened, especially in the world of industry. As always we all waits for the photos and videos to be uploaded. Here is one of the most kilig and trending wedding in the industry. The official prenup video of the adorable and lovely couple John Prats and Isabel [...]

“Your Face Sounds Familiar” contestant Maxene Magallona transformed into the Filipino Icon, Francis Magalona his father and was brought everyone to tears. According to Maxene, she needs perform and needs to impersonate, coz if she won’t she feel like the show won’t be complete. However, her performance has brought tears to the four judges who stand [...]

A magnitude of 7.8 earthquake in Nepal exactly hit Kathmandu a day ago, which cause homes, building, works, and ruined temples and what’s worst cause over 1,800 lives. A desperate and ongoing search continuously happens in Nepal for survivors. The place has been in the state of emergency has the government already declared. However, people [...]

Last Sunday, Richard Lim a concert goer posted an incident on Facebook regarding the incident of Doris Bigornia’s behavior during the concert. He said that Doris and her daughter Nikki eluded bouncers and immediately move forward to the stage front that cause a big crowd to cover up their view and in front of him [...]

Mary Jane Velloso, a Filipino on Indonesian death row last wish was for her body to be take home. Celia Velloso, mother of Mary Jane said on Rappler’s Indonesia bureau on their way to Cilacap, Central Java where executions happened. Mary Jane a mother of two was sentenced to death on 2010 for undertaking smuggle [...]

Kris Aquino, the Queen of all media confirmed the break up of Erich Gonzales and her non-showbiz boyfriend for four years. This was stated by Kris on “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” to end all the speculation in the Erich personal life. But then Kris, also said that during the finale of primetime series of Two [...]

Kapuso mo Jessica Soho finds the Meme Queen of the social media. Do you know the real story of her life? She is Marielle Villegas a 19 year old girl who graduated as a Salutatorian in her High School and is now taking up a Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English. The fact that [...]