Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose cannot make it this season due to follow up knee surgery


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derick roseRecently confirmed that Chicago Bulls Superstar Derrick Rose once again is out this season because of follow up knee surgery. He undergone an operation to re attach the medial meniscus of his right knee on Monday morning. Rose chose this operation to pair the meniscus to avoid career full of arthritis and possible micro fracture surgery by this procedure he will be fit to play with out any hindrances ,but it implies he will miss this season 2013-14.

Basketball fans all over the world is merely disappointed by this event but many wishes for his complete recovery in his condition now.

It up to his other team members to uplift the position of Chicago Bulls in team standings, considering without their ace player.


The Bulls suffers a 39 points differential in their road game against the LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS last Sunday, that will be the teams third straight loss in this season. This could be a downfall on the team if every member will not perform well in every game they face in home or in road.


If Tom Thibodeau’s team will not perform  their A game this season, make over of the teams line up and member will be inevitable.





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