Maroon 5: Adam Levine crowned as “2013 Sexiest Man”


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One of the leading magazine’s here in the world  People’s magazine currently named Adam Levine as the  Sexiest Man in 2013  which is recently announced by one the prestigious award giving body in Hollywood ” The Emmy winning singing competition.adam

During the event the Maroon 5 lead vocalist tells his fans that he was surprised and thinks that the award giving body is just joking. In the latest issue of Peoples Magazine he said “”As a musician, you have fantasies that you want to win Grammy s, but I didn’t really think that this was on the table”. This really concludes that he did not really expect the title given to him.

Born and raised in Los Angeles Levine does not really aspiring to be married and believe that if he is ready why not.

He steals the title from Channing Tatum, the previous title holder last 2012.

This is really a good year for the singer songwriter for his career evidence by few successful hits like “Move’s like jagger, Payphone and many more. These songs really hit the America’s Top 100 song list.

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