Walking lowers risk of Strokes to Women


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walkingStudies shows at least three hours every week of walking may lower the percentage of stroke to Women compared to other female that does not walk at all.

 José María Huerta of the Murcia Regional Health Authority in Spain stated that engaging in moderate recreational activity like walking is good for our body.Women who walks  three hours per week lower the percentage of stroke compared to those who cycled and undergone intensive work out in a short spam of time.

This claims is also confirmed by other research.

In a survey conducted by researchers this includes 33,000 men and women which being monitored through their metabolism. The result is that those women that engaged in a regular walking reduces almost 43% to suffer stroke compared to other in active group of participants.

In the men’s case, there are no change at all. But considering that walking is a good cardiovascular exercise. Supporting claims tells that the effect of walking and running while in exercise session shows the same effect at all. Consider both of them is good to maintain a healthy body.

General guidelines set by the WHO and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend at least 150 minutes – or two-and-a-half hours – of moderate exercise such as brisk walking each week.

To avoid any lifestyle disease each and every one of us must maintain a good eating habit and exercise regularly.

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