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“Bubble Gang” show ordered by MTRCB by displaying excessive impurity

Bubble Gang

After impose fines and other reminders of competent censor’s board yet rated morning show, Unang Hirit again the agency as called for a “mandatory conference” some executives of GMA Network.

In this case, the ruling of the network, the leadership of Bubble Gang, and some of the artists scheduled to appear gag show the members of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) today, December 9, at 9am in the morning.

Among those called to be attended in conference were the GMA executives Jose Mari Abacan (Vice President, Program Management), Uro dela Cruz (Bubble Gang director), Caesar Cosme (Bubble Gang headwriter). Marivin Arayata (Vice President for Entertainment), Eva Arespacochaga (Program Manager), at Junalyn Navarro (Bubble Gang executive producer).

Apart from the noted above, should also attend Bunagan Beethoven, or  better known by the name of Michael V, and Rufa Mae Quinto.

According to the letter sent by the MTRCB on GMA Network on December 3, there was a “discriminatory and derogatory portrayal of a woman” Bubble Gang, the episode to air on November 29, 2013.

Posted on Twitter by MTRCB such summons yesterday, December 7.

The alarm rooted when the agency claiming to be referred them as their agents monitoring the episode of the show, particularly the segment “D Adventures of Susie Lualhati.”

The segment is focusing on applying Susie (Rufa Mae) as a cook and supplier of cylindrical cake, the store owned by Michael V, also known as call Bitoy.

Sexy Rufa Mae’s wearing in the show, which almost appear her breast. There are scenes still claim that “suggestive.”

Take about two minutes questioning the segment “D Adventures of Susie Lualhati.”

Here the whole course of gag:

Michael Vwas busy, as the owner of the cake shop cylindrical, with the sale of its goods. He noticed was Rufa Mae, as Susie, who stands just him.

Sir:  “Ikaw ba yung mag-a-apply bilang tindera dito?”

Susie: “Ah, opo, ako nga.”

Sir: “May ano ka na ba… experience ka na ba sa paggawa ng puto bumbong?”

Susie: “Wala pa po, pero kaya ko namang subukan.”

Sir: “Ay naku, hindi puwedeng ganyan. E, ang kailangan ko ay may experience na sa pagluto ng puto bumbong kasi andami nang nag-apply dito, mga walang experience, hindi ko tinanggap. Mahirap na, kasi wala akong time magturo, e.”

Susie: “E, huwag ho kayong mag-alala sir, pakita niyo lang sa akin. Feeling ko, kaya ko talagang gawin ‘yan.”

Sir: “O, sige, pero isang beses lang ha? Wala akong time, e.”

Susie: “O, sige.”

Susie: “So, bubunutin ko na.”
Then here  Susie specimen labeling of cylindrical cake. This time, faster and faster Susie’s sealing, who caught the attention of the customers of the store.

Susie: “Parang mahirap naman ata ‘to, sir. Parang walang lumalabas… A, a, a… grabe naman, sir… ang hirap naman pala.”

Here is ongoing branding Susie, that perfectly jumping and shaking her breast wearing a sexy sleeveless in top.

Susie: “Di ko na kaya Sir. Ang hirap… sa inyo na lang.”

Sir: “Ah, actually… tuloy mo lang yung ginagawa mo. Sige, tanggap ka na.”

Here that the customers are also jumping in the store. Susie is also jumping there, which further paved the way to even see her stomach and even more so the shaking of his chest.

According to the letter of the MTRCB GMA management:

 “It appears that the segment stereotypically portrayed a woman as an object of rather frivolous, albeit carnal, delight. When women are treated as commodities, they are disrespected and degraded. The ‘commodified’ depiction of a woman in the program is demeaning and derogatory within the context of §16, Chapter 4 of Republic Act No. 9710, otherwise known as Magna Carta of Women.”

In addition to writing, “Parenthetically, it cannot be helped for one to surmise that even the name of Ms. Quinto’s character is a spin from the Tagalog word for a woman’s breasts. This arguably magnifies an overall intent on the part of the program to typecast woman as a mere sex object—thus depriving her of dignity.”

Also written to their summons the exchange line by Rufa Mae and Michael V.

Stated on the letter of the board : ” The ‘ crass ‘ humor described above palpably GIVES a bad example to our youth , who have the right to be edified and formed to respect women and not treat them as objects . “

On March 28 , 2012, there was a Memorandum of Understanding on the Portrayal of Women in Media and Film MTRCB all the local TV stations.

This became the basis of raw censors body, which is under the Office of the President , to summon the managers of Bubble Gang when they explain how their side .

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