Freddie Roach answer’s back the mocking of Mayweather in Twitter


Freddie Roach answer back to Mayweather mockings
Freddie Roach answer back to Mayweather mockings

Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao did not mind the mocking of Floyd Mayweather in Twitter through a  Christmas card. Instead of fighting back  the boxing icon write a letter to all the boxing fans out there a Merry Christmas.

Pacquiao quoted in his Twitter account ““Remember this is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus and remember his love for us,”Please share that same love with everyone around you and God bless!”

Mike Koncz member of team pacquiao said “At least Floyd’s thinking of us in some way,” “I smiled when I saw it last night and I’ll show it to Manny when I get to the Philippines.”

In the said interview the fight between Mayweather and Marquez is way too elusive because both of them has so many demands before the fight. And thinks Marquez has all the bragging rights because he seems to prove himself that he is a better fighter than Pacman.

But if Pacquiao just seems to ignore the mocking of Mayweather to him. It shows that Coach Freddie Roach will not remain silence at all. In his twitter account he Twitted “Always good to watch old movies on Christmas. Watched Predator today,” In the picture it shows that Floyd Mayweather Sr. is compared to a villain referring to ‘Predator Movie”.

It seems that both boxing parties are heated up for the most anticipated match up, but this big match will still yet to come due to the demands of both boxing sides.

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