Perjury and Libel complaints by Sarah Lahbati against GMA Films President Annette Gozon-Abrogar was dismissed

Sarah Lahbati & Annette Gozon

The perjury and libel complaint filed by Sarah Lahbati is dismissed against GMA Films President Annette Gozon – Abrogar.

Remember the issue began between the two on January 3 , 2013 , when Sarah revealed on his Twitter account that ” top management ” GMA supposedly persuaded her to sign a contract with the ICONS .

Those who spoke said Sarah was Annette ; former GMA Artist Center executives named Arsi Baltazar : the former handler of actress Michael Uycoco , and ICONS bosses were Bebong Muñoz , Shiela Buendia , and Andrew Dee .

Sarah said on Twitter, “I didn’t sign with ICONS because they wanted to deduct another 15% on top of the 25% that is being deducted by GMA Artist Center. We found that too steep of a deduction for someone who just started such as myself.”

As of this July, the complaint filed grave coercion Sarah against six, as well as libel and perjury against Gozon – Abrogar.

The grave coercion was dismiss earlier of Quezon City Prosecuter’s Office in October.

According to the resolution, there was no coercion occurred because Sarah used her “free will” in her decision.

The last two cases, according to the Makati City Prosecutors Office, was no “probable cause.”

This morning, December 6, released last month on the resolution of the complaint filed by Sarah.

Here is the overall statement of GMA:

The Makati City Prosecutor’s Office issued a resolution last November 22 for the dismissal of the perjury and libel complaints filed by actress Sarah Lahbati against GMA Films President Annette Gozon-Abrogar and entertainment writer Marinel Cruz.

Lahbati filed the perjury complaint against Abrogar last July 15 while the P10-million libel complaint against Abrogar and Cruz was filed last July 16.

Meanwhile, still ongoing the libel case of Annette against Sarah.

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