TV5 Workers Intimidate General Strike after Meetings Close in Disagreement


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More than 600 employees of the plan have TV5 stopping work to have a deadlock after the issue of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the union of the employees and management of the station last month.

According to the report of the Manila Bulletin on Sunday, December 15, filed a notice of strike, Associated Broadcasting Company Employees Union (ABCEU) on Friday, December 13, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

This is because the negotiations between the union and management about the “non-economic provisions” for their particular CBA “job security.”

CBA meeting between the union and management on November 11, two camps disagreed on plans filed to change the name of some departments and positions.

She also denied appropriate to talk about such plans in meeting that day.

But the union insisted to talk about the new rules, “since it claimed TV5 could use the provision to indiscriminately source out its manpower needs to third party service providers.”

ABCEU statement yet , “They will declare the previous positions within the said departments as redundant and ask them [workers holding the position] to resign later on.

“Our fear is that in the near future, this could eventually lead to massive contractualization.”

Root also of questioning of group has seven such policies in their affected its members.

They filed a “grievance complaint” but eventually they could end it to discuss it in the CBA meeting.

According to them, , “What we are asking to be included in the CBA, would be for management to first consult us before changing the name or position… while they were more than willing to talk about wage hike, what good would it be if on the next day you no longer have a job.”

It also contradicted the TV5 management since the “non-economic provision” should not be included in the first part of a five-year CBA.

In that meeting on November 11, also said the union filed the lawsuit about the late remittance of union dues and non-participation in the CBA doing another new station building in Mandaluyong City.

On Monday, December 16, there was a “conciliation and mediation talks” both sides of the DOLE office, but not yet clear what the agreed ABCEU and TV5 management officials before making agencies.

On the other hand the statement of TV5, it confirmed that there was a deadlock on the issue of collective bargaining ABCEU.

“The Union’s focus on ‘non-economic’ items on the third year of the current 5-year CBA, when only economic provisions are open for discussion under the CBA and the Labor Code, has resulted in this deadlock.

“The management wants to focus the negotiations on economic items, which include wage increases, signing bonuses and other economic benefits for the rank-and-file employees.”

“The Management remains optimistic that an agreement could be arrived at soon with the Union so that all stakeholders would enjoy their economic benefits in time for the Christmas season.”

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