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Warner Bros.Production:300 Rise of An Empire trailer is now available

300 Rise of An Empire Showing March 2014

300 Rise of An Empire Showing March 2014

Warner Bros. Production recently releases their new movie trailer “300 Rise of An Empire”, considered as a sequel to a blockbuster hit “300”. The story is based on the writings of Frank Miller entitled “Xerxes”, the new chapter is on the fresh battle ground also at sea were the Greek General Themistokles cries out his fellow Greek to unite by leading them to battle that can change the course of the war.

In the story the Greek General Themistokles joined forces with Artemsia a vengeful commander of Persian Navy against the whole Persian Horde and Xerxes as their leader.

The film stars Sullivan Stapleton as “Themistokles” and Artemisia portrayed by Eva Green.

Lena Headey regain her starring role from “300” as the Spartan Queen, Gorgo; Hans Matheson (“Clash of the Titans”) stars as Aeskylos; and Rodrigo Santoro stars again as the Persian King, Xerxes.

Directed by Noam Murro,screenplay compliments of Zack Snyder & Kurt Johnstad.

“300 Rise of An Empire”will be showing this March 2014 as Warner Bros Production as the movie distributor.

This epic sequel once again will hit the theaters worldwide.

300 Rise of An Empire Showing March 2014


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