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Kris Aquino offered by Manny Pangilinan to be in TV5

Kris Aquino offered by MVP to be in TV5

Kris Aquino offered by MVP to be in TV5

Rumors is now quickly spreading that Kris Aquino was offered by TV5 CEO Manny V. Pangilinan to leave ABS-CBN and transfer to Kapatid Network. According to the reports and blogs in the internet there is a dinner meeting between the Queen of All Media and TV5 CEO before going to London.

The 42 year old actress host in now spending her time with Joshua and Bimby on a two weeks vacation in London.

Even these speculation is true or not, this will take a lot of negotiations regarding this issue.

Now is not really clear whether Kris will go to Kapuso or Kapatid Network. Rumor’s says that MVP is planning to acquire almost 40% share’s of GMA Network. Which is referring to the share of Atty. Felipe Gozon the current CEO of GMA 7.

The are three families that own the most shares of GMA 7 those are Jimenez, Duavit and Gozon. It takes almost 68% percent if the share’s of the three families  are summed up.

Recently reported that Atty. Gozon reacts about 52.7 Billion acquisition price of GMA 7. And there are negotiations between the Gozon and Pangilinan which shows Pangilinan is willing to buy GMA 7 with that current price. But Gozon says if the said speculations will not be put into action at the end of the year consider it null and void.


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