Herbert Stop His Courtship To Kris Aquino (Video)

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Mayor Herbert Bautista is admitted to stop pursuing TV host/actress Kris Aquino with the source told to ABS-CBN News. The main reason to stop pursuing Kris is because of the issue that pointed to his two kids having a badly affect on their studies. People critics Mayor Herbert and can’t concentrate his obligation as a public officials.

Herbert and Kris

The named of two children with wife Tates Gana are Athena 17-year-old and Harvey 10-year-old also on showbiz industry. Bautista have another two children on his previous relationship a NON-showbiz personality. After Kris know the news about her suitor, she tells to public that despite what happen to the bad news about the children of Herbert, she also says “Thank You”.

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On the interview with the Esquire Philippines on a April 2014 issue, the Quezon City Mayor says “I am very thankful that they raised our children quite well. I respect them as individuals kahit ‘di kami nagkatuluyan,”. He also tells that the mother of his four child’s is remain on a good term and feels happy that God given his wonderful life with his kids.

Herbert and Kris

On the Critics, the malicious accuse that Herbert using Aquino for planning to run a higher officer is Not True according to source told ABS-CBN News.

“That’s actually what we started as, it’s where we are most comfortable being, and for whatever tomorrow may still bring, true and lasting friendship is always the best foundation,” Kris Aquino told on to reporter of ABS-CBN News- Mario Dumaual.

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