Sen. Jinggoy: “I Am Not Running Away From These Cases”


Sen. Jinggoy Estrada answers the issue on filing a leave of absence in the Senate for a vacation in United States. He actually confirms that he is going to consider that option because his priority is to prove his innocence with regards to Pork Barrel Scam Involvement.

jinggoyIn an interview the Senator noted that orchestrated  are certainly undertaken to after them (referring to him and his co-Senators Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile.)

Currently those three Senators are facing  a plunder case filed by the Ombudsman.

Sen. Jinngoy said “Why should I take a leave of absence?” he asked in Filipino. “My conscience is clear. I have not done any wrong. I did not steal from the people.”

In an ongiong review of the evidences and court hearing from the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, the Ombudsman before the Sandigang Bayan really found a probable cause to indict them.

Estrada is in doubt about the fast pace of events, he also added that the Ombudsman did not really review the documents presented by his committee. He really expects that those pronouncements should take a year of review and tight inspection.

Sen. Bong is now on vacation to Israel but promised to return to the country to face the case filed against him.

In an radio interview to Revilla he noted that he will face this issue once and for all even putting his life at risk.

It is not really important to put our focus on those issue’s about orchestrated effort to convict those people that are involved in the scam what is important is the quick process of results and convict the guilty to end the issue  so that the Filipino people can once again give their trust to the government.

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