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Herbert Bautista On Kris Aquino Small Grudge To Him

Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista shared his thoughts about his short term relationship with Kris Aquino “She is a nice person”.

Photo by Pep.ph

Photo by Pep.ph

In an exclusive interview by Pep.ph, the politician revealed his current emotional condition when the Queen of All Media released a long statement regarding their short term relationship with each other.

It is remembered that in the P.O.V. segment of “The Buzz” Kris released an assertion revealing her experience when she is in a relationship with Herbert.

According to the Quezon City Mayor as of now Kris and I are both okay. He is really focused on moving on and forgets what happen in the past.

His mindset is prioritized his work as the father of Quezon City and also a good father of his children.

Pep.ph also asked if the statement released by Kris during the interview affects him.

The former comedian said he does not actually see the interview. He added that he is not actually an avid television fan, so maybe that is the reason why he skips the said episode.

Also as a follow up question regarding to Kris statement in A& A tonight wherein the actress revealed that she has a small grudge with the politician.

The politician said he does not actually know is Kris was referring to him or maybe she was referring to other person. But he is hoping that he is not the center of the issue.

As of now the politician is busy in her work and children.

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