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Meet Aurelio: The Philippines' First Supercar

If the Lamborghini and Ferrarri are made in Italy,  Porche and the classic Mercedez-Benz are made in Germany. Now the Factor Aurelio is considered as the first ever Supercar that MADE IN PHILIPPINES! It was first launched by Aurelio Automobiles that are now based in Laguna.

Facto Aurelio

Some car enthusiast commented that it looks like McLaren F1 from side and Lexus from behind and others said that it is also looks like Bugatti from front and side.

Bugatti is also the most expensive car in the world aside of Lamborghini Veneno that also released in this year.

Factor Aurelio made of reinforced fiberglass with fiber 德州扑克 carbon. The engine of this car is either come from in

  • Mitsubishi 4G63T 2.0 engine turbocharged 2.0 liter turbo intercooled DOHC 16-valve engine
  • Honda B16A DOHC VTEC 16-valve motor.

This car can run up to 300kph and with a power to weight ratio of 457hp per ton.

This car is now called “Lambo-rarri” but with a heart of Honda and Mitsubishi VERY FILIPINO others said about Aurelio.

In an interview to the brothers Kevin and Bryan Factor and their partner Brendan Aurelio, each prototype costs around in 1.6 million each of their creations.

Even though their engine is not considered as “Supercar,” but this prototype is absolutely MADE IN PHILIPPINES that made by our fellow Filipinos and we should proud of it.


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