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“Sabina Altynbekova” Asian Volleyball Player Accused Of Distraction During The Game

Sabina Altynbekova, a member of Kazakhstan volleyball was accused of destructing the game because she was so attractive. The said famous Asian athlete gains fame and more publicity when she was involved and playing in Asian under 19 Championships held in Taiwan.

Sabina-KazakhstanThe said beautiful volleyball catches the attention of the media and netizens proven by her games was uploaded online and almost have 1.5 million views in the internet. Other volleyball enthusiast really believes how great an athlete she is, but some of her fans watch Sabina’s game because of her attractive nature.

During the 18year old athlete participation in the said event her fans supported her as well as the other crowd in the event wherein she holds the flag of the nation she is playing with. In the semi finals match against India some of her fans are sad because they lost the game but she showcases her outstanding performance for her team and her country.

Sabina-VolleyballAccording to one of Singapore famous publications they released an article saying that Sabina sometimes gets annoyed to the situation wherein she is noticed as a beautiful girl not a good athlete. She tells her fans to watch the actual game not her physical characteristics.

Even their Coach Nurlan Sadikov said that her fans in Taiwan are not really interested in the game instead they are interested on Sabina physical attributes. The coach added that “It is impossible to work like this. The crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship.”

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