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Jane Oineza and Jeron Teng Seen Hugging At A Certain Concert

Jane Oineza and Jeron Teng were spotted hugging each other in a certain concert. The said photo becomes viral in the internet wherein it shows that the two were having a mutual relationship with each other before Jane decided to enter the PBB house.

Jane and Jeron Seen Hugging

Jane and Jeron Seen Hugging

In the photo Jeron was wearing a black sando and Jane in her red checkered long sleeves which coincide to the photo posted by the La Salle varsity player in his instagram account.

Jeron Teng revealed to Big Brother that he is willing to go on a typical date with the Star Magic artist and proven by their constant communication with each other, also the famous basketball athlete admits that Jane and him go and watch a concert together with their friends.

It is reported that the two’s first meeting was on ASAP wherein Jeron appeared in the variety show as guest performer.

Meanwhile Joshua admits his true feelings with Jane and stated that she was special and to avoid any complications in the situation she must answer now, but the young female housemate just answered a sweet “Smile” to the Batangas native.

Jane also added that for now she considers Joshua to be a friend only and really admires his courage for admitting to her what he really feels towards the 18 year old female housemate. The female housemate seeks advice to Big Brother and tells her that she should take her time thinking about this matter.

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