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Kris Aquino Hopes For Boy Abunda’s Fast Recovery

Kris Aquino reveals that her show host partner Boy Abunda is hospitalize due to high fever, wherein the show host is absent for almost a week in “Aquino & Abunda Tonight”.

boyAccording to Aquino Boy’s suffers a high fever which almost reaching 41 degree celsius relatively high compared  to a normal body heat of 37 degree centigrade. She added that she misses her partner and hopes for his fast recovery.

“Nasa hospital pa din si Boy Abunda. Get well soon, Boy. I love you, I miss you so much,”

The Queen of All Media added that her partner as of now is having a hard time speaking because he almost out of voice, but the good news  is that his fever is now gone and he must undergone a series of laboratory test to secure his health condition.

Aquino also added that Boy also undergone CT scan because he is out of hospital for almost 16 years, he will do this to secure his body condition.

For now the premier entertainment host and columnist is undergoing a bed rest for his full recovery.

Meanwhile the Kris said “So Tonight Aquino and Aquino”. As of now Boy is doing fine and hopefully he can recover fast in his condition so that he could join back with Kris in “Aquino & Abunda Tonight”.

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