Paul George Still Hopes To Come Back This Season


NBA Superstar Paul George is now doing his best to maximize his full recovery and hopes to play this season.

paul georgeAfter the incident where his left leg suffers a severe fracture two weeks ago. According to the NBA player this injury is considered to be a freak one, wherein it will not bow his dreams to be a better player and to do his passion to be the best basketball player.

paulPaul George was the starting five of Indiana Pacers, wherein he contributes a lot to the team because of his hard work and determination. By this he received some various awards as a basketball player.

For almost three seasons, he shows his playing prowess which leads him to receive the most improved NBA player beating other potential players on the list to grab the award.

Now again he has to prove himself to be tough enough to fight his injury and to speed up his recovery to comeback this season.

Even though he is frustrated and felt sorry for what happened, but what done is done, he should take his time to rest, sleep to be fully recovered.

He said”At the same time, I want to be part of this team. The last thing I want to do is feel like I’m not part of this team because I’m out. I’m holding out hope, just personally, because I want to be back,”



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