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Food Trip for Breakfast Turns Simple Bread to Different Characters! Cool, This is Great for Kids!

Breakfast is very important to us every morning to energized our body for a new bunch of jobs to do in office, class for students, and everything. In the morning, it very pleasant to us to see a “Good Vives” thing every morning, like new and eye catching food like this below.

It is a bread that cut and shape into a different characters in movies and TV shows, it is also designed to make it very attractive for kids! For sure your children will be love this food, and they will be requested to make it again. The food artist made more than 100 characters, here is the link.

You can suggest for your favorite cartoon characters, hope you enjoy this article! Don”t forget to share it to your friends!

#Spongebob Square Pants




#French Maid Attire Minion of Despicable Me




#Angry Birds


#Cat in the Hat


#Elsa and Anna in Frozen


#Tazmanian 在线扑克指南 Devil


#Looney Toons


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