WATCH! 500 km/hour Japan’s FASTEST train “MAGLEV TRAIN” (VIRAL VIDEO)

The first 100 passengers took the first ride on a 500 km/hour fast traveling maglev train.

500 km/hour sounds dangerous to the people. Japan has now built a Maglev train that has the capacity to travel 500 km up to 501 km/hour. The first 100 passengers experience a smooth travel on a 500 km/hour Maglev train.



Maglev technology or also known as magnetic levitation, is actually working as floating train a short distance off its tracks that and powering it by using magnetic fields.

And we all think that this would be a awesome invention of Japan, but China is inventing a maglev train inside near vacuum that can travel three times faster than a airplane. In their theory this future transportation can travel around 2,900 km/hour.

As we foresee our future transportation it’s just so awesome traveling in a smooth and fast way.






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