Your Eye Color Tells About You According to Scientists

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They say Eyes are the window to our soul, but on scientists it is a lot of explanation  and they revealed that you don”t have to marry a European or blue eyed people just to have blue eyes your children.

How 大发在线扑克 eye color develop? It is the pigment concentration on your eyes or in your iris called melanin who is responsible to give eye color. Scientist shows if you had low melanin, your eyes will become lighter usually it becomes blue or green. If you had a big number of melanin in your iris, your eyes will become darker like black or brown.

Watch this knowledgeable picture by Mezzner, he also illustrates the in a fun way. Hope you enjoy this article!

PS: If you experienced a blurry picture, please try to click it to see a more clearer and to view the picture in full.



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