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A Man Sings On Karaoke Has An Incredible Voice That Only Few Singers Have, Another Amazing Talent!

If you are going to judge this guy in singing contest what score will you give him? For me I’ll give him the highest score and let him win the competition. I found this video on Evan Demata Facebook page but when he is about to sing it I really didn’t expect that he has a powerful and husky voice which we know that only few singers could do that.

This guy has a talent already he only need to do is exposure while joining in professional singing contest. I have no doubt about this man’s talent. He has a great future ahead him if he will expose his talent to the people.

All he needs to do is to join in many professional singing contests. This could change his life and to fulfill his dreams. I know if Aegis band could hear this, they must be very proud.

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