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Judges Though That He Was Not Talented, But When He Start Performing, They We’re All Stunned!

It is really surprising when I hear his voice. Honestly I also have the same reaction with the judges. This is one of the reasons why we should not judge a person by its physical appearance. The best part that he does to me is that when the first time that I saw his audition I also shed some tears.

He is Paul Potts and the type of song that he performs is an Opera song entitled “Nessun dorma” in English it means “None shall sleep”. All three judges didn’t expect that he is going to be that incredible in opera music.

I didn’t really expect to see this coming. He has a God given talent. This talent will bring him to the top and would able him to perform in many special occasions. British Got Talent is a great talent competition because they found someone who has a God given talent like Paul Potts.

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