They Enjoy Boating But This Terrific Creature Drive Them Out Insane


What will you feel when you fix your mind to enjoy watching the beauty of nature while boating across the beautiful Chobe River in Botswana, and suddenly you will see this shocking creature that definitely blow your mind?

Boarding on the boat is David Jackson set out for bonding with his son Craig to explore the highway of the Chobe River in Botswana. While they are on their way, Oh! My boy, what the heck! David exclaimed. They’ve noticed that living creature following their boat with alarming rate of speed chasing them.

His son Craig grabbed immediately his iPhone 6 to capture and record this awesome experience that probably befallen only once in his entire life.

When this creature appeared, they have identified it. That’s a hippo! come on dad, speed up the boat…I heard that this kind of creature can move very fast no matter how big is the size.

Oh… Wow! What an experience!

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