They’re Not Just Performing, They Made It, Terrible!


This performance of the couple does not only showcase dancing moves to make it superb but they made it with their emotion that conveys the message to the audience.

This could be daring but the idea is convincing that wowed the audience and judges as well. They have made it smoothly and flawless that only professionals can performed this world class type of acrobatic moves.

I agree that this could be possible only with a long time preparation, constant practice and self-determination. The finest of their gesture and emotion blended with the harmony of music makes their performance perfect.

This performance is made by Nicolas Besnard (former guest hand-to-hand of Cirque du Soleil “Zumanity” year 2005-2009) and former two-timer Duo Realis Sport Acrobatic World Champion Shenea Booth.

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