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This Guy Is Unbelievable! He Could Produce Energy And Fire With His Hands!

He is known as the Magus of Java or Electric Eel man. His name is John Chang and Indonesian healer who called his healing power as nei kung.

The Indonesian master said that yin and yang which is positive and negative, he said it is an energy that could create a electricity. He set a newspaper on the ground and it started to burn using his hands and his Chi which is called nei kung, he used this for healing. John refused to document his amazing abilities.

1997 Lawrence Blair who contact John, but he totally disappear. They said that he returned from a two years long meditation in the heart of Borneo, and his revelations showed him a changing world. People already forgot all about the old ways. So he reached out to Lawrence and asks him to film him to show the world what his ability.

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