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Erich Gonzales Confirms Break Up With Non-showbiz Boyfriend

Kris Aquino, the Queen of all media confirmed the break up of Erich Gonzales and her non-showbiz boyfriend for four years. This was stated by Kris on “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” to end all the speculation in the Erich personal life.

But then Kris, also said that during the finale of primetime series of Two Wives, Erich and her non-showbiz boyfriend is still together on March.

Erich then stated that she was not engaged with his non-showbiz boyfriend.

However, because of this  sudden issue of break up, the issue about Erich and Daniel Matsunaga became stronger and has been questioning a lot.

Erich Defends Boyfriend’s Privacy. WATCH BELOW!

This was even more controversy when Daniel posted a photo on Instagram account showing him and Erich being together with a caption that is in Portugal phrase says; “Special Dinner Tonight with my Beautiful Date. ”


Netizens has lots of questions going around when Geralda Matsunaga, mother of  Daniel also posted on her Instagram account a picture of her daughter and Erich with a caption of “My Beautiful Daughters.”


When we remember one of Daniel Matsunaga’s interview on February he said that he will push through a romantic relationship with Erich if if she is free. Erich Gonzales Confirms Break Up With Non-showbiz Boyfriend to Kris Aquino.

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