How to ‘Get to Know’ the Apple Watch Before Buying



Before Apple Watch will release and will go on sale two weeks from now, April 24, 2015, the Cupertino-based company will also released their first series of “Guided Tour” videos for its smart watch which the pre-ordering will start on April 10.

The videos available on the Apple website will let you better comprehend and understand how to get and receive messages from your smart watch. Also, on how to personalize the screen, share feelings and emotions and can even ‘tap’ your friends. There are still lots of videos that are planned for now and on the release date, regarding on how to handle and take care phone calls, listening to music and the application Siri.

                                            How to Know Apple Watch Before Buying! Watch the Video Below! 

There are only two ways for you to get your Apple watch either you will order online on the Apple Website or would get and reserve yours in the Apple Store near you. Different from other products they have, Apple is hoping to have an appointments with every wanted and future buyers in order to better know and determine the exact model to their needs and to give and provide a quick how-to-tutorial  before getting and completing the order.

The generation of first Apple Watch is obtainable in three model as follows;

Apple Watch Sport

“Classic” Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch Edition model comes from 18 karat gold with a sapphire crystal display.

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