Lemon is More Stronger than Chemotherapy


What lemon can give? Do you know that lemon has it’s own magical power?

Well, seems like people don’t know and we are not informed that lemon has it’s own magic. Main reason that this was kept as a secret because lots of  huge producer of chemotherapy and other treatments will suffer the loss of large earnings.

Life is so ironic that millions of people die because of cancer and has used lots of money for chemo.

Lemons has anti-carcinogenic which has many uses. It is highly effective in cyst and tumors. It has been tested by lots of researchers and almost every cancer, it was proven effective. Lemon and baking soda can be a better amalgam and combination because it can put the pH of your body into normal.

Lemon also have an anti-microbial effect which can be use against bacterial and fungal infections. It can also be used in managing high blood pressure, reduction of stress and can fight your battle in depression.


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