Lizzie Velasquez the “World’s Ugliest Women” became the Women Of Bravest Heart


Physical appearance nowadays is a big issue. It can make you feel insignificant and even ugly. In today’s world especially in social media the influence of making you feel you are not worth it, that you are not needed and that you are ugly is highly a big trend for teenagers and adults. Everyday, people wanted to look like those magazine cover girl and that celebrity look and has been taking surgeries. They would take up everything just to change their physical appearance while they are really those brave one who bounds and chose to live their live in what God gave them since they were born.

Some of the main reasons that people wants to change appearance is for popularity, self satisfaction and yes to keep away themselves form discrimination and getting bullied. Today? Social media has been opening lots of doors for opportunities and also opened larger doors for cyber crimes. One of it is Cyber Bullying.


Lizzie Velasquez a 26 year old girl with an unknown medical condition that has been giving her an unusual appearance. Now, Lizzie weighs 60 lbs. because the syndrome does not giving her body to gain weight. The reason why she has been bullied in social media and has been known as the “World’s Ugliest Women on the World”  in social media since she was seventeen years old.

The immoderate bullying she have been through which usually give a negative effect of bullying instead gave Lizzie the opportunities and as she turned out to be the bravest lady in today’s world. She is now a anti-bullying activist and a motivational speaker helping those who needs help and has gone through bullying like her.

Lizzie experienced bullying since she was on kindergarten so she knows what it feels and she can imagine life how difficult her childhood but still handled to get through it.

No matter what what where it is being done, Bullying needs to be stopped because it is giving an extreme threatening that many victims has avail oneself of taking their lives as a way of ending it.

Watch Lizzie’s Video ‘How Do You Define Yourself ‘ Above! 

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