Mother Gave Birth to Daughter’s Baby


This is going to be different! I know we’ve seen and know lots of people giving birth but this one is so extraordinary and can melt your heart!

This is a mom who gave birth to a child but is not her child but her grandchild. Don’t get it wrong!

Watch The Video Below!

                                Mother Gave Birth to Daughter’s Baby

Kristine Cassey, a 61 year old successfully gave birth to a son but for her 35 years old daughter Sarah Connell. This reminds and a gift of life she will give to her daughter acting as the substitute mother for Sarah.

Since 2004, Sarah has been wanting to have a baby, but she ended up having a miscarriage. She and her husband has been planning to have an adoption but they really want and like to have a biological child.

It was unbelievable that Kristine still managed to labor and deliver her grandson successfully. After hearing the baby when he cried they never felt anything in the room, but all had wet eyes.

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