New Characters of Tekken, “Josie Rizal”


Technology has done so far in the world. Tekken, one of the most famous and played-games in the whole world. Here, in Philippines it can anywhere be found. Maybe in homes or arcade center.

However, there is a latest news about this famous played-game Tekken, they released the 3 new characters that can be played now. And it leaves and made Filipino comments to the character, Josie Rizal. She used the skills kickboxing and Eskrima in a way of fighting and defending among other characters.

Watch the Video BELOW! 


Are Filipino’s insulted with what the maker of  Tekken made? Are they insulted with the Tekken’s new character, Josie Rizal? Lots of Filipino had feel grateful for having a character named Josie that can be played, and though some are not.

Josie really had the Filipino character. At the beginning of the game she would say “GOT THIS!” where in Filipino “Ako ang Bahala” She has the true Filipina spirit. New Characters of Tekken, “Josie Rizal” trends in social networking sites.


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