Poisoned Milk Tea in Maynila Killed 2 People



Summer and hot environment deserves cold and satisfying drinks. Teenagers, students and passers by loves to drink the enthralling taste of milk tea where people really get the satisfaction of thirst especially in this summer and hot season. We cannot pretend the when we feel hot and get thirsty we have the need to buy a drink like this two couple who bought milk tea in Ergocha Store but what happened will surprise and hit you.

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Suzaine Daguhoy and Arnold Aydalla ordered in the said store with the flavor of Hokkaido-Flavored Milk tea. Just when Arnold take a sip of his milk tea he notices that there is something wrong with the drink so directly passed it to his girlfriend to test if there is really something wrong with the drink. The two talked to the owner of the store namely, Mr. William Abrigo and talked about the different taste of the milk tea. With the complaint of the two, Mr Abrigo also tasted the drink and even denied that there is wrong with the taste of the drink.

When the couple was about to leave the store an incident happened. Suzaine Dagohoy collapsed and as her boyfriend helps her, he also collapsed. Few minutes later. Mr Abrigo collapsed also. They are brought to a near hospital in Sampaloc, Maynila by the tricycle driver namely Rey Fernandez.Rey said that he notices that the two were foaming in the mouth.

Poison Milk Tea

Suzaine was proclaimed death on arrival later Mr. Abrigo and Aydalla is still under observation and is still in the hospital for test. The causes of the death of the two is still unknown.

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