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Taylor Swift Announces her Mother Andrea Finlay Has Cancer

We are used to see Taylor Swift’s success in life. Including that she is still ranking in some nomination awards. Now, this is so heart breaking and a tragic news. Singer Taylor Swift posted an announcement on tumblr noting that her mother Andrea Finlay has cancer.


The 26 years old singer decided to keep the news about her mom’s condition out of the public world. Taylor for sure told her fans this issue because Andrea has been with Taylor in every success and in her professional life. Andrea patiently look after Taylor maybe on screen or on tour and the two has became inseparable since Taylor can be seen on screen 10 years ago.

Watch the Video Below! Taylor Swift Announces Her Mom Is Battling With Cancer:

Taylor is taking a break writing about her ex-boyfriends in the past but eulogize the relationship she had with her mom in the song “The Best Day” of her Fearless album. It’s hard not to get teary with the song and to feel nostalgic most especially knowing this new news.

Since this news went out, Taylor’s friends and best friends never failed to show their support on her via social media, personally and everything sending prayers and wishes of getting well.

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