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VIDEO: Girl’s Reaction When Taking Her Flu Shots

Going to the hospital in  5-10 years old to take flu shots is frustrating knowing it can hurt you. This girl is Michaela Goetze, she will make you think and realize at the same time that how crazy and hilarious in getting flu shots especially when you see her!

This is one of the memorable experience of Michaela, her reactions are just so funny and hilarious when she was about to take the flu shots. Amusing, is when she managed to shout at the top of her lung and afterwards laugh at the same time.

Watch the Video of Michaela Goetze Reaction in Taking Her Flu Shots.

She became even more afraid when her brother continuously teasing and making fun of her, telling it would hurt so much and that the pain would hurt more than what she is thinking it could be.

Her brother just can’t stop laughing and giggling in every Michaela’s reaction, screams and laughs. This is so invaluable because you can almost see her quivering and trembling in fear.

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