LIVE : CHRISTIAN MERCK GREY (Makagwapo) and Caffey Namindang (Makaganda) I love you , Goodbye on Wanted sa Radyo!


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Christian Merck Grey also known as “makagwapo” live on Wanted sa Radyo . Makaganda and Makagwapo issue in Raffy Tulfo has 3 parts and this is the first time Makagwapo speak out .

Makagwapo ask Idol Raffy Tulfo to share his side of the story and clear his name with all the accusation with regards to money matters. According to makagwapo , He and Caffey (Makaganda) has a joint bank account .

Makagwapo also said that its not true that he is only giving P 5,000.00 pesos for Makaganda’s family.

Raffy Tulfo asked Makagwapo if there’s any chance that they can be together again . Makagwapo admitted that he still love Makaganda however Makaganda said its over and she only want the money she deserve from their youtube channel.

Makagwapo said they will sell their car and other properties and they will share it 50-50 .

Makagwapo also said that their savings since last month has been used for their canada expenses and Makaganda’s tuition fee.

Makaganda and Makagwapo also agree to go to the bank together to withdraw their youtube salary . Makaganda also requested to delete all the video that they are together.

Raffy tulfo also asked both of them to give message to each other

Makagwapo to Makaganda ” Hindi ko akalain tayo ay maghihiwalay sa lahat ng pinagdaanan natin . Sana maging masaya ka sa desisyong ginawa mo kung baga ,,, Mahal na mahal kita “.

Makaganda message to Makagwapo ” Sana magbago kana and yung susunod na makakarelasyon mo wag mo nang lokohin kung binibigay niya naman lahat sa’yo . tsaka wag mo nang — yung parang hindi naman lahat kailangan kasi naka video naka vlog . Yung masaya lang kahit normal ang buhay ganun . Sana maging ganon kana sa magiging susunod mo . Yun , Ingat ka palagi”.

Makagwapo and Makaganda 3 years of relationship now said their goodbye to each other and will now sell their investments.

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